Friday, December 18, 2009

Kendriya Vidyalaya Events: Memories of our Favorite Teacher

Kendriya Vidyalaya Events: Memories of our Favorite Teacher

Memories of our Favorite Teacher

It’s heart breaking to accept that our beloved Hindi mam Mrs.Jayanthy Ramachandran is no more.God wanted our beloved teacher to overcome her pains and accompany him to eternity.
May her soul rest in peace.
Mrs.Jayanthy Ramachandran my hindi teacher in KVAFS was one of my favourite. She was loving, caring and motherly. Today she is no more with.
I’m writing about mrs. Jayanthy Ramachandran today to honor her memory. Teachers, I want you to know that your efforts do bear fruit. Your words and actions matter in the future lives of your students. Decades from now, some one will remember you vividly and give you credit for being a positive influence in their lives.

Live so that when the final summons comes you will leave something more behind you than an epitaph on a tombstone or an obituary in a newspaper.
Forever Gone but Forever in Our Hearts

The caring prayers, the shaking shock -
This awful news my world did rock.
No one knew how it happened or why.
We were all so sad; it made me cry.
How unfair it should have happened now -
Won't someone ever tell me how?
Her tears had dried, her pain had healed;
And God chose this time for her life to yield.
It's later now, while we've moved on -
We miss her as though she had just gone.
We'll never forget all the good she did,
Even though, to her our farewells we've bid.
We love her still, we miss her yet;
And on this I'll forever bet.
If she is truly in our hearts,
>From us she'll never be truly apart.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

MY First Reunion - Suma

MY FIRST REUNION-BATCH OF 1987 KVAFS AVADI Well, let me leave out the usual, formal introduction me suma etc…Jus read along.It was all too sudden messages started pooping up on Orkut.Yrs back when everyone spk abt. Orkut I too registered in it. But not a frequent visitor. A call from one of my students asking me to log on to orkut for a surprise was reallyPuzziling.Orkut was banned at school so I too forgot I had an account in it. Logging in I wasreally overjoyed -2 of my school pals with whom I had lot touch were sending me a lot ofscraps. That was Victor Jones Milton martin asking me my contact no. And it all started. That was 2 months from 2day. Then calls and Messages were pouring in from the stunning vandu and vicky the 2 grt. V’s who made this reunion possible- at least for me and I ‘m thankful to Orkut for bringing back my school pals. Big plans and chats over the reunion went on. Just checked the tickets & all in WL. A shift of mind not to go for it this time .Vandu”Aana yar bohut masthi karenge”Vicky-“You r going to make it up OK…That’s it.” Thankx Vicky n Vandu but 4 u I would have missed some grt days of my life Hari said he can’t come along, left me more in a dilema. Each day passed without tickets being booked. Then felt “chalo man kiya to tatkal or flight”. V’s kept in touch frequently. It was one such calls from Vicky-“Enna un phon eppovum busy.Enna ne un school principal aa?”I said,” S.”Then the news spread-Namma kulli KV principal da! I thought let it go on anyway the news will unfold when we meet. Finally on 5th I decided 100% I’m going to make it for the reunion and managed to get a tatkal ticket to Chennai. Started my journey with mixed feelings. Heavy feeling of leaving Hari behind and thrilled to meet childhood friends after a long gap and wondering” will my classmates b the same fun loving? Will they B serious 39+?I consoled my self” chalo joe ,vandu , uma n vicky r there na.” and may be that was the reason why I could’nt sleep the whole night. Gazing at the clear sky and twinkling stars,I went down the memory lane recollecting incidents of school days. I reached my uncle’s house at Annanagar. The trip to our school was planned for the day and Alby was to pick me up from there. A call from Vicky announced change of plans. Shocking start? The previous night, Vasu said that she might not b able to make it up due to ill health. I tried my luck again in the morning to find her better. So I coaxed her to join me.” I could come from Kerala to b here and U’re right here at Chennai. Shame on you” That pulled her out and I was relived when she agreed. When I reached there I realized that I had to travel very less compared to Sam frm N-pole & Venki 4m s-pole. Call from Vicky at 9.45-”Get to a good hotel nearby and pack 35 lunches.”We reached “Hot Chips” by 10 am and ordered for the lunch. The time I expected to see old faces. Time was running too slow. The heat and the waiting were tiring. To sit in the hotel, we sipped down fresh fruit juice one after other. It was 11.30 and the excitement of meeting old friends was growing stronger. At last at 11.45 one grt.person flashed in potbellied -Vicky. Next came in a gentleman- Tapas. Ice broke just when Vicky saw my little baggage & asking me “Enna dress onnum kondu varilliya? Only UG’s eh?” My mouth opened wide and never did it close till we departed. Everyone needs some time to get in the groove – inertia as Newton called it. But this gang was right into it with no delay. Boarding the bus and hai n hugs it was a grt feeling to meet after 22 long years.The ride to the school was enthralling. The so called AC bus slowly crawled and raced along the tarmac catching up the chennai traffic and beating the kathri heat.. The warm and thrilled ride in the bus, the music, the company and a panorama of sights – the known buildings the areas where we stralled in our childhood etc was the boost for our untiring journey to AFS Avadi –our destination sport for the first day. Once KV HVF was sported the gang transformed from 39 to sweet 16. ALL- “this was d school we wrote our 10th.” CRPF- Vandu on her feet “betta this was where mamma lived” Vicky mocking” this was the spot Vandu’s doggie died etc” HA -AFS my memory went back to the nursery classes in the Air force school. The waiting outside the big gate for papa to pick me up on his bicycle. DC-1 Rakhi on her feet “beta mamma lived here” and so on…. The sight of our school ignited our energy .We were traveling by 2 busses.I hadn’t seen Chander yet and Joe warned me that he was the one with the make over.So I was not in a for surprise when I saw Chander-Bappy Lahari(minus) Gold. Spotted the real nostalgic spot-the out grown roots which always made our chatting place during ourschool days.Photo session begins…. And then I sported the rest of my old pals at the enterance- Sunil, Sam and Tyagaraj, Chandrakanth ……Settling ourselves with hai’s and hugs in the entrance was enticing. The evergreen memories of school days veiled in excitement towered above us all. It was already mid day and the heat beating us and we in search of shade. Our cameras clicked for snapshots to capture life in pictures for sweet memories. As we reached during the holidays we were less interrupted by others. We were a gang of ran sackers rushing for memorable spots in the school. Still more Snapshots-Batch of 1987. Jothi Vasu and me sneaked a few minutes to our primary wing the land where we had hopped and played during our childhood innocent days. The giant banyan tree, the statue of Buddha still stands as the landmark of our school. Cameras clicked non stop. It was the call for lunch- lunch break. We enjoyed the lunch. Each one of had ideas to go and visit the place where we stayed but then we had to drop plans to stay together. The next halt was at Vicky’s sis’s place.The rooms were kept cool and for us. Beating the heat of kathri was a real need of the hour. Some of them even dosed off on the floors. Freshening up at their place some of us went to meet Vicky’s mom who stayed next door.I was excited when Aunty remembered me rather recognized me. Never endingchats…..Chander had brought some of our childhood snaps. Again the excited lot childlikepulling the snaps trying to identify each other…..The clock struck 4.It was time to move.Rakhi wanted to meet Ragi’s parents so Rakhi, Sam,Vandu and me went in search of Raji’shouse.A short visit there- recollecting old days and knowing abt.latest whereabts, we took leave. Our bus was parked at Uma’s resi. So got a chance to say hai bye to her parents and siss. ( Sam don’t forget the lemon episode and Tapas- those kacha kelas –at last who ate them????)Just a reason to laugh for the guys. I missed Sunil in that bus. Once again our bus raced along the Chennai traffic. The sun was down but the heat stilldisturbing. Hot talks, laughter and unconditioned AC of the bus kept the journey buzzing. Out of the city traffic we could feel some cool breeze and stopped at a stall for a littlerefreshment which quenched out our thirst and put us back into action from dehydration.And we were back into action. At 8.30 landed back to our destination spot.Nature at its best with the never-ending beach of the Bay of Bengal, Was an intoxicating spot for the reunion-The Mamala Resorts. A gateway heralded our transition from the busy city of Chennai to the beaches of the Bay of Bengal. Wow the place was splendid Thanx again to Vicky for deciding upon this wonderful place. We were led to our rooms where we quickly freshened up and then hurried to the dining hall to satisfy our hunger’s call. We were not as hungry as a horde of famished barbarians still we ate well and enjoyed. Our gang was one intoxicated by some laughing gas. Every time we had some thing to enjoy. At 10.30. We decided to meet at the coconut groves to chat over. Some of them retired to bed and missed some of the great experiences each one had to share right from where we departed-1987 till day. The cool and fresh breeze from the sea ignited our energy. It was an eventful night for us and I a person, who loves adventure, certainly fell in love for the experiences of Mr.Sunil and Mr. Tapas. And for all my other boyfriends, I’m proud I have friends with rich experiences and flourishing in life at present. I could visualize our little and timid then Sunil in the snow peaks and the war front fighting so called enemies and gunning down 30 men all by himself. And for grt. Tapas-Had I been a little taller I would have chosen to fly a aircraft. Right in front of me hangs the Indian Air force calendar that he gave me. The hawk fighter flight –I can imagine my friend’s experiences in it…. By midnight, everyone was burping in contentment and ready to retire to bed. We had a long day in front of us. Oh what a sweet joy it is to be in deep and satisfying sleep all through the night!! Especially when you are snugly tucked in under a blanket in a coolroom during mid summer. Sam n venki and Joe n me were shifted for men’s and women’s retire rooms for the night. Only Viki - uma n kiddu, Tapas n fly,Sunil n fly, Chander n fly, Rakesh n fly, Shekar n fly slept in sweet slumber. Vandu n hers kids, Rakhi n and her kidu too must have slept well. Joe and I kept talking abt our famalies n donno when we went to sleep. The chirping of birds woke me. It was jus 6am in the morning of 15th.I didn’t have any intention to be in bed at that hour which was otherwise if I was at home and that too on a holiday. The sight outside was grt. Sunrise n the tiny waves on the sea that stretched ahead was a refreshing sight. Decided to wake up others who didn’t mind some more nap. But was it really for napping we r here????. We did not change out of our night attire and began our usual chit chat and laughter for no one knew why. It was a true treat. Everyone can’t laugh in contentment like us. Sipping tea we also had some serious –matured talk’s .A stroll in the beach was refreshing. To keep up the food timings of the resort we went back to the rooms to freshen up and meet at the b’fast table. More chats and laughter. Most of us couldn’t keep our mouth shut ,so dropped the plans of outing that day. Instead we all ended up in the swimming pool. I was really not prepared to b in the pool for 2 reasons- I was not in a shape to wear a swimsuit in front of my boyfriends and thought once I jump into the pool there will b a lot of loss of water –displacement…’coz I’ve learnt swimming only through correspondence course. But who can resist the temptation of enjoying splash splash with friends. I managed to push Rakhi into the pool then how will I b spared. So into the pool violating the dress code we both plunged in a jeans and top. There were warnings frm the authorities’ abt the dress code in d pool. Who bothered???? We enjoyed in water for a long time splashing n sharing lessons of swimming.Out of water, we decided to deck ourselves as Indian beauties in a saree.Another set ofphoto sessions. Jothi who was supposed to leave to pondi had to drop her plans 4 me. Asumptuous lunch and more chitchats….Alby too joined us . It was already evening and wehad a cup of steaming tea. Back in casuals we moved on to the beach. At the beach were signs of human intrusion, so insignificant in front of Nature’s grandeur All evening chander and wife went crazy romantic in the Bay of Bengal. Some of them jumping along the waves…..Vicky, Joe Alby and me sat on the beach enjoying their madness in water. Once Chander was out of water Tapas buried him in the sand and Viki invited a doggie to pee on him….hahahaha…It was all so memorable. We managed to pull back the rest out of water by tempting them abt. The evening’s campfire. 1hr for the fresh up. The lawns with lush green grass around with an overview of the majestic Bay of Bengal were enthralling. The place truly came to life when we decided the spot for our campfire. Music and drinks were set .I really wanted to make the night eventful n memorable. So what next I went bonks, it was like an intoxication of bang -V danced along jumping,rocking,twisting,gliding with the beat of music. I’ve never done so in my life and it was a grt experience. Some more treat for the camera. Great poses for the remembrance of an event like this.Uma with her sexy movements,Sharmi with her grt steps, Rocking chander,Amuture Reena’s josheli steps,Rakhi’s twists,Mad Sam n Alby, Tarzan tapas,Shammi kapor-Devanand- Sunil ,never on the dance floor Jothi,Rakesh rocking jus with betterhalf ,And Vandu n me going bonks. Vicky the caretaker jus vigilant so that no one gets hurt… Nature too got aroused with our madness and the land and skies shook and danced along with us alas bringing with them thunder and rain. We ran for shelter to the dinning area. The dinner was already waiting for us. We were still in the mood of dancing. But we had to refuel for the rest of the events that lay ahead. Vicky swiftly made arrangements at the auditorium for the rest of the party. We decided to have our dinner till the music system was rearranged in the hall.The lightening, thunder and raindrops added to our mood. The menu was rich with variety. Still most of us enjoyed and lined up for the steaming fresh appam with coconut milk. We thoroughly enjoyed it. After dinner some of them decided to retire to the rooms. But Uma, Vandu,Vicky, Venki, Sam, Tapas, Sharmila, Rakhi, Sunil, Reena, Chander, Joe, and me decided to keep the music going and feet moving. We started playing anthakshri- a small gap for our food to get settled. Once the speakers started to bang with music we were on our feet again. We crazy folks went on n on till 11pm.It was real late for the kiddus to retire to bed. So mamas decided to put the babies to sleep. But that was not all. The day wouldn’t end for the rest of us. We chatted and laughed at the made jokes. . Always being with little kids, my language was too simple and innocent but coming here I realized it could even have a underlying meaning and could be laughed over it. We shared our grt. Experiences and truly no one can digest and laugh in contentment like us..I really enjoyed the company of the new comers-Sharmi-Tapa’s wife and Reena Sunil’s wife. We were forced to bid g’night at 1am for; Sam was to leave at 3.15 am. Joe at 6 am, Venki and me at 9am .So all needed some rest. We went back to the rooms. But Rakhi still wanted a midnight stroll at the beach .Tapas too nodded approval. So Rakhi, Sharmi,Tapas and me walked back to the beach. The watchman wouldn’t allow us to the beach so we collected some chairs and sat on the lawns-From hooligans to star gazers… Cluster of stars forming an unknown constellation. The night sky stood out – a mix of deep blue, silver and grey – against the black silhouette of the sea below. It was a great experience.Tapas explained to us his expertise in finding directions. We chatted unto 2.30 am.It was my maiden experience out with friends at this hour of the day. The lights in the rest of the cottages were out so we too went back for a short nap.Morning of 16th was not very inviting. Time was flying too soon.The dream was comingto and end.I had to spend at least half a day at my uncle’s place to escape from familytaunts.So I did quite some quick pack up , breakfast and bidding bye to Jothi. It was 9am. The cab had arrived for us. With mixed feelings of elation and gloominess, promises to meet at the next reunion and with lots of memories to remember of this trip I bid g’bye to the rest of my dear school friends who had another day together.SUMA. K.P

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shaji” as I know him - Vandana

Shaji” as I know him It all started when I came back to India from UAE last year in 2008.A realization that we are entering our 40’s soon and I started wondering what my friends from back school would be doing.I was in touch with Victor and Uma on and off.One fine day I call him up and spoke to him (our usual tete – a – tete)and our talks shifted to our batchmates at school and I felt so excited to hear he is also getting in touch with a few of them.I asked to pass me few of the numbers that he has.He gave me Albert,Chander,Shaji,Rakhi,Raji’s numbers first.Thanks a lot Viccy ‘coz if not for this,I would never have got my friend’s contacts at all.Albert and Chander were my close pals and had touch on and off but than Shaji,Raji and Rakhi?it was 22 years since I spoke or saw them.I sent them SMSes with a short intro and asked them whether they remembered me.I got Raji’s call first and than Rakhi too responded and it felt wonderful.Than one fine day I got a call from Shaji and instantly we hit it off.The gelling was superb between us right from the first day on and he remembered me quite well(though viccy told me Shaji needed some details to remember me).I sent him my pics and he said he remembered every little details.According to him,it was the dimpled cheeks with two long plaits with the typical smile that he remembered so vividly and that I used to stay in CRPF I was satisfied.we regularly kept in touch through SMSes and calls.Everytime he called we transformed to our teenage days chirping away to glory. It was July and one day I asked him about Orkut.I dint have any idea about it as its banned in UAE.He very sweetly explained it to me as one would to a small girl.In our hectic pace,all these yahoo chats and orkuting was out of question all these years, but back in India at home gave me a chance to get all my dear friends back through orkut and I am enjoying every bit of it.Its brought back so many sweet memories along. Than came October.We kept calling one another atleast once a week and share all our happy moments.I called him up on his birthday on 28th October 2008 and we spoke for more than half an hour at a stretch and I kept the phone without wishing him and than I remembered the reason for calling him and hurriedly called again and wished.He started laughing like mad ‘coz he knew I remembered his birthday as I had wished him on orkut in the morning and said, “Vandana,tub bhi na,I was waiting ki abhi wish karegi,lekin u just went on n on and when u kept the phone I knew”abhi iska phone aayega aur sorry sorry karke wish karegi” and the way we both burst out laughing at the incident. In November Tanu got the net connected after going to Doha.I was badly in need to be in touch with her too and helped her to log onto yahoo and than orkut.I told her about all our friends in orkut and she too sent requests to Shaji,Victor,Rakhi,Raji and Albert.One day she said she had a chat with Shaji on yahoo and I was like wowwww,that’s time when I saw him online,I said hi and there broke the rest of the ice if we had any left.I asked him ki why didn’t he chat earlier and he replied sheepishly ki,”I wanted to.I used to see u online but was hesitant ki kahin tu ravi se to nahin baat kar rahi and I would be like a kabab mein haddi.”I laughed at it and said ki agar mein ravi ke saath chat pe hoon tho bataa doongi.There it started,our regular chat and laugh sessions. By than in December he was on long leave and everyday religiously we would sit on our nets around 1030,Tanu would also join us.we three freaked out and had crazy sessions.we tried pulling our other friends like Rakhi,Raji,Vijaya,Victor,Albert into conference chats too but they were busy with work and used to join once in a while and we could understand it.Shaji would joke,”chal,sab kaam mein busy hain vandana,hum dono ko koi kaam dhanda hai nahin,so lets enjoy our chatting.”we had a wonderful time chatting and catching up with one another for that period of time when Shaji was on leave.we filled each with every small details on what happened to our lives in the past 22 years and today I feel I know Shaji in and out and about the kind of person that he is.He is the most wonderful,caring,loving,sensitive friend and a human being.Very touchy,emotional too and I feel almost he is like me too………fun loving and bindaas.we hit the roof bonding big time.but I knew these chats are not gonna last long as he had to go to Jorhat and join back duties.He got busy with his packing ,shopping with Navina and to help settle her down before he moved onto Jorhat by first week of Jan.On 17th Jan 2009 he moved to Jorhat.I called him on 16th to wish him and on 17th couldn’t reach him.I missed him lots during those days when he was out of touch completely and finally I mailed him ki,”aree shaji,phone tho kar yaar,I don’t have your new no”.and immediately after reading it he gave a call saying,”kya karoon champ!I am in a god forsaken place and getting everything in order is a pain here.”but he described the place as a wonderful place.he also said ki,”yahaan getting net connection is gonna take sm time but you keep scraping and mailing,jab bhi mein free honga,toh I will check it up and call you” and true to his word,for every 2-3 SMSes and mails,he would call up.once I didn’t hear from him for about 10 days and sent him an SMS which goes as,”friendship is not measured when both take care of each other,it is measured when one ignores and the other still continues to love and care for”I knew he would call the moment he reads it and I didn’t have to wait for long.The moment he was free,he called up in the afternoon and said,”I read the message and thought…aaj toh bhai phone karna hi padega,aree yaar,tu toh hamesha punch line maarti hai”.I started laughing and told him ki,”that’s why I sent you this.I knew after reading this you would dftly call up”.those days I was in touch with only a few and there used to be no group SMSes like I send today.That was the kind of bond and telepathy we shared.All the way,we used to bring smile to the other. It was fun,laughter,giggles like our sweet old days. My birthday was nearing in February and he wished me in advance on orkut.I called him and said,”shaji,I don’t want any advance wishes”.He said,” nahin nahin I will dftly call you on that day and wish”.but he forgot till aftn and I called him.the moment he picked up he remembered and said so many sorry’s.saying,”nahin vandana,mujhe kal shaam tak mind mein thaa but mrng I got busy n it just skipped,If you had waited till evening I would have wished you”.He promised me a gift which is still pending and that’s a testimonial on orkut.he said…”agle saal tak pakka daal doonga.i need time to write for a person like you vandana”.Hey Shaji,are you listening?I need my testimonial before my next birthday..haan? One fine day in April around 11 am,he called me up and said,”Vandana,kahan hai tu?I said,”Ghar pe hoon,kyon?”and he said,”achcha aaj ka kya programme hai”I was puzzled and asked ki,”kya Shaji,kyon pooch raha hai?”he said,”theek hai,achcha sa non veg khana banaa and get ready.”I was by this time puzzled and wondering what he was saying.and he gave a loud laugh in that typical Shaji style I remember so vividly.he said,”ok ok I am flying over trichy and reaching tanjore airport”.I was like ……”wowwwwwwwwwww,its only an hour’s drive from my place,I am bringing lunch and reaching”.but than he said,”no yaar not this time,I was just joking…we are halting only for ten minutes this time but every month I am going to fly here and will call you in advance and tell,so next time achcha non veg menu tayar karke lana,we will have good lunch together.”and I am still waiting for it Shaji.I was complaining ki,”why didn’t you tell me this time and he said,”I wanted to tell you ystdy,but I kept my phone in the cockpit by mistake and didn’t have your number to call up from outside.”but he promised ki “agli baar pakka milenge”.and I will wait for that Shaji. I kept coaxing Shaji to join our reunion at Chennai and I was feeling so bad that he wouldn’t be able to join.I could feel his hurt coz he couldn’t attend due to election duties.On 13th May,was his anniversary.I was in train at 5 am going to join my friends at Chennai.I called him up and wished him.he was elated and gave me lots of do’s and don’t’s to follow at the get together as he always patronizingly did so.I always felt like listening too like a good girl whenever he had a doze of advices coz he was a genuine caring friend who meant only good.After coming back I called him and gave him all recounts and he was laughing along and even teased that,” I think ab ravi ko bulaana padega tujhe le jaane ke liye” and I used to always laugh at it and say,”haan yaar,yeh stunts mein isi liye toh kar rahi hoon ki he gets jealous and pulls me and takes me from here.”we used to laugh a lot together. On 8th jun 2009(Monday) around 2 pm,I got his call and as usual we were our chirpy self and spoke for about an hour or so exchanging everything,almost all the topics we covered strangely.spoke about his work,his flights,navina’s job offer at dubai,my plans to return back,his plans to visit us in dubai,my plans of purchasing a property in chennai,his dream house getting constructing at Hyderabad…everything god everything.we were just going on and on laughing and chirping away to glory and at around 3 pm or so,he kept the phone.on Wednesday afternoon around the same time at 2 pm,Viccy calls and says….”a bad news yaar,hamara Shaji was in the plane which has gone missing……”he went on and on but I was feeling blank….totally blank..nothing was registering…I was just shouting…..”Shaji….is it…Shaji?”.I was on my way back after shopping with my mom-in-law.I just reached home in a state of shock,registered what viccy had told,trying to grasp the news and I lost control…I just remember rushing into my room,closing it and crying loudly.I just couldn’t believe what I had heard and wished that it was not true…just not true……but my gut feeling still says that Shaji is there somewhere safe and sound….mebbe a bit hurt but he is fine.he will return back to Navina,mallika whom he loves so dearly and to all of us who love him too. Are you listening fauji(I call him so fondly and he calls me champ)?Please come back safe…we need to reach our 80’s and have a grand get together again where you would walk with a stick and call us…..”girls”…remember just as we planned.You gotta come back to all of us.Hey Fauji…….we are all very proud of you.Now just head back….we are all waiting for you.Love you and miss you lots. With lots of love Vandana(Champ – as you call me,Shaji)